Here you will find a collection of media resources that address major developments in science, technology, computing and society:

“Surfacing”: An interactive application

With this app, developed by media scholar Nicole Starosielski and a team of programmers, you can traverse through the undersea cable network geography and collect detailed information about telecommunication hubs and nodes of connectivity.

New Books Network

A consortium of podcasts related to Science, Technology & Society that promote and survey new books by scholars, activists and others.

New York Times Column: BITS

Technology industry insights, op-eds and analysis from Silicon Valley experts and others.

GreenTech Media Podcast: The Energy Gang

A podcast that features discussions of technological, political and market forces driving energy and environmental issues.

Platypus: The CASTAC Blog

For engaged discussion on matters of Anthropological interest at the intersection science, technology and computing, visit the CASTAC (Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing) blog.

Dirty Bits: An Environmental History of Computing

A blog and research project that explores the environmental consequences of electronic digital computing from a historical perspective.

DCD is the premier source for data center industry news and developments in IT worldwide. This resource is geared to non-academics and is also a marketing platform for companies and vendors in the data center market space.


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